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Fire up Your Backyard This Summer with 5 Unique Grills

Texas is one of the most barbeque-crazed states. From estates to suburban backyards, urban decks to rural farms, everyone with an outdoor space has some kind of grill. The temptation that you can cook better with a new grill is always there, and some people have various types of grills parked in their homes. However, if you do not have any of the 5 unique grills we’ve listed here, acquiring them will make you the talk of the town. Once you install one of those grills in your backyard, you might have trouble keeping guests at bay.

Argentine Grills

Home to the finest steakhouse and cattle producers, Argentina cooks steaks thoroughly and slowly using an ultra-high heat commercial boiler, eschewing the sauté pan. These grills will last a lifetime; they are as functional as they are beautiful. These grills are used in a number of restaurants by top chefs.

However, argentine grills are expensive, starting from a price $2750, but well worth their price. They are made of stainless steel and have a lot of smart features for easy cleanup.

FireGrill-Go Caveman

Firegrill takes the simple approach of cooking over an open fire. It is not aesthetically appealing though.
For most backyards, fire grills are a safe and easy prospect. It is wonderful to have an open fire to sit around when enjoying the outdoors with friends and family. It is usually used for roasting marshmallows; however, cooking the meal over it is a better idea. The grill is quite affordable, even if you add in a fire pit.


Brick oven pizza is a cult if barbeque is a trend. Brick oven pizzerias have popped up across the country in every city. Due to this popularity, everyone wants to have this oven in their backyard. In Italy, these ovens are used to cook the entire meal, bake breads, roast meals and vegetables, besides baking pizza of course. Majority of the backyards have homemade ovens since stores don’t stock them and they are hard to ship.

Carson Rotisserie Grill

This cool looking grill is one-of-a-kind and is known for its affordability. They cook up to 60 pounds of food and seven skewers at once, with nice even cooking and no flipping required. The Carson Rotisserie grill can be easily folded into a suitcase and runs on a rechargeable battery at the tailgate or beach. You can instantly transform your backyard into the hottest eatery in town for just $729 – my personal favorite.

Super Simple Smoking-Texas Grill

Southern and Texan style barbeques have led to people opting for low and slow cooking style. This involves cooking meat usually in a tightly controlled temperature of 225-250° for a long time without even touching the flame, by heated smoke in the most subtle manner. Cooking with this grill is an art; it may appear easy, but that is mainly because people have been doing it for so long.

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